Ajisen Ramen History

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The world famous Ajisen Ramen started out as a small ramen house in Kumamoto, Japan in 1968, and today there are over 800 stores across the globe.

In 1996, Ajisen Ramen opened its first overseas shop in Hong Kong where Johnny Luk (Ramen Expert) lived at the time. “Because I am, personally, very much in love with ramen, in 2005 I brought Ajisen Ramen to Toronto,” Johnny recounts.

Introducing the Japan- ese ramen culture to the Canadian community, was made eas- ier in part to the large Asian community living in Toronto who already knew the brand. Johnny now owns 3 locations in the GTA: North York, Chinatown and Markham.

Ajisen Ramen features more than 40 kinds of ramen on their menu. The ramen is made in-house every day. “We serve a unique broth known as “The King of White Broth,” which is a pork based soup consisting of quality ingredients,” Johnny says. In addition they serve other soup bases like Tomato, Curry, Kimchi, Miso and Shoyu. Some of their popular dishes in- clude Tender Pork Ribs Ramen, and Steak Teppanyaki Ramen.

And for those that like spicy dishes, the Tom Yum Steak Teppanyaki Ramen and Aso Volcano Ramen are worth a try!

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Ajisen history